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November Already? Time to Start Working Out for Ski Season

It’s November!?!? Why didn’t anyone tell us! We cannot believe how fast time is flying by.  It’s almost time to get our skis on — we could be on the slopes as early as 3 weeks from now! Yikes!

We don’t know about you — be we haven’t done a single squat (unless you count, sitting down in front of the computer, or picking up the fries we dropped from our dinner plate). Otherwise — nada, nothing, a big fat zero– is how much we’ve prepared our bodies for skiing.

So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to look up some of the best “get ready for skiing workouts” and pick 6 exercises we like (may not be the perfect ones but it will be the ones we are comfortable with doing).

Let’s start with the article — 3 weeks to Skiing — From Couch Potato to the Slopes. Hello! That’s us! Of course, after looking it over, it looks a little hard, so we’ll just pick one  from this. (Photo courtesy of article.)

1. The speed skater. Hardwood floor and socks — we have those!

img_3167s img_3166s_0

2. This article from the Daily Burn is… 5 exercises to Get Ski and Snowboard Ready! All of them look great but we like Supermans! Another exercise we can do on the living room floor. Our lower backs always seem to get neglected during ski season. Not this time!


Photo Courtesy of the Daily Burn

3. This article from the National Geographic — Preseason Ski Workout has two excerises we like. The ski squat and side lunges.  Let’s face it, it’s all about the quads and hamstrings. If these puppies are strong then they’ll protect our knees.  We’re going to start slow — maybe 10 on each leg and work our way up from there. (Drawings courtesy of same article.)

4. We also like the SIDE Lunges from the same article. Okay…let’s be clear, we don’t really like lunges… but we like this exercise for getting ready to  carve up the slopes.


5. Skiing is like a sprinting sport — high bursts of cardio and strength. So we can’t avoid it… no matter how much we want to… but we have to do — Squat Jumps.  Here is pro skier Paula Moltzan showing us at Shape.com how it’s done. We’re going to start without weights and the moment we can actually get to 20 without stopping (or fainting), we’ll “consider” a small dumbbell or two.


Photo Courtsey of Shape.com

6. Hamstrings. It is another muscle that protects the knees.  Straight leg dead lifts are probably the ones we’ll stick with — something we can do in the living room and build up to using weights. This photo is courtesy of Women’s Health Magazine.



OKAY! That’s our six… we won’t add stretching as a number — just do it! We also know there are lots more great exercises but we want to be realistic as well.

So start here. We’ll try and join you!

See you on the slopes!

Our Best,

Heather and Andrew



Mad River Ski Area Lodgecrop

Some Skiing Deals Still to be Had

Mad River Ski Area Lodgecrop

Photo Courtesy of Mad River Glen Ski Area

We saw a notice on the Mad River Valley event calendar of a great ski/ride conditioning class happening tomorrow night at the Sugarbush Health Club and realized it’s time to start getting ready for the mountains!

Screenshot 2014-10-22 12.07.23

So while we all get our bodies ready for the bumps, slopes and trails…let’s see if there are any deals left to be had for our pocket book as well :)

Screenshot 2014-10-22 12.01.35

For those of us, who didn’t get the early bird pass at Mad River Glen or Sugarbush and are not sure how many times we’ll get up to the mountain this year — this is an amazing deal! It is called the Quad Pack and it is only $219! Check it out soon… the offer is only good till the end of November!

Screenshot 2014-10-22 12.00.42

Of course, we love going to both Sugarbush and Mad River Glen (both only minutes from our door). So if we have 4 tickets at Sugarbush, then we are going to get this deal as well! The Mad Card at Mad River Glen  for 3 tickets for only $154. That’s 7 times without even the regular season’s passes. Of course, if you have the regular passes — these are great for friends who visit!


Screenshot 2014-10-22 12.29.11

Let’s not forget cross-country skiing and snowshoeing! We hope to do a lot more of those sports as well –in our own backyard and at Ole’s, down the road.  If you had an Ole’s SeasonPass last year, you will receive an invitation for a 2014-15 SeasonPass the first week of November. Ole’s pre-season pass rates expire Dec. 15.

Well…we found some lift ticket deals still to be had — now it’s time to go and do some lifting…to get ready :)

See you soon!  Our best, Heather and Andrew