Ski Trail Names…Do They Do the Trails Justice?

So we’re finally ready to hit the slopes. The trails are open and more snow is on the way. So which trail to do we do first? Sometimes, we think we should go all out and hit a tough one, then other times…we think…let’s start slow.

Ski Trail Color Symbol Downhill Alpine North America Europe Japan Vintage - Signs of the Mountain

So we start checking out the trail map and see the names. It makes us wonder? What if they didn’t have the colored trail symbols next to the names? Would we feel like we understood the type of trail is was by the name?

So we started searching some trail names. We had to share a few:

  • Alta: Amen and the Devil’s Castle  (Making sure they have heaven and hell covered)
  • Jay Peak: Deliverance (Love it!)
  • Snowbird: Barry Barry Steep (That’s helpful)
  • Lake Louise: Ghastly! (Feel like we should have an English Pipe while traversing down this one)
  • Attitash: Idiot’s Option (That’s just daring us to go down it)
  • Sunday River: Agony (Thank you for the heads up)
  • Snowmass: AMF (We’re told it stands for Adios Mother F….)
  • Sugarbush: Ripcord, Rumble, Spillsville and the famous, Exterminator
  • Stowe: Lookout! (Need we say More)
  • Mad River Glen: Vixen (Believe it or not, this is a beginner trail…)
  • Snowbird: Steeper than Hell and Steeper than Shit (These leave no room for misinterpretation)
  • Whistler: Doom & Gloom (Someone needs a happy pill)
  • Breckenridge: Lower Psychopath & High Anxiety (Or a therapist…)
  • Aspen: Naked Lady (More info please…)
  • Mt. Snow: Jaws of Death (We think it’s named, just Jaws now…chickens)
  • Vail: Tourist Trap (Telling like it is for the beginner slope)
  • Sugarloaf: Widowmaker (See…that’s all it needs…one word to give us  full description)

Photo Credit: Authentic Trail Signs

Now, you get our drift…snow drift that is! The point is…with these names, you know what type of trail it probably is and what you’re in for. Depending on the day (and our mood) we may be feeling a little like a “Slowpoke” or a “Lower Psychopath.”

If we’re ever leaders of the free world — our first rule of business would be to change all the names to reflect the type of trail it is. For example, if you looked at a trailhead that said, Breakfast Blend, you’d know it was a pretty easy trail. If it was Break-Up Alley, you’d know that was a rocky, steep and treacherous path. Right?!?

So think about some fun names while your heading up the lift…What would be your Blue Circles and Black Diamonds?

Until then,

We are heading ”OUT TO LUNCH.” (That’s an easy trail, just in case you didn’t know.)

Our best, Heather and Andrew