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Creating an Authentic Vermont Wedding Experience


Photo by Todd Wilson

It’s official (in our minds) we’ve become a Vermont Wedding Destination. One of our recent weddings was written up on the amazing site, June Bug Weddings! WOW! “Stylish Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe This Barn Wedding in Vermont..” June Bug Wedding said that not us! The pictures you’ll see below say a thousand words about Mad River Barn and the memories created here.

We’re thrilled that we’ve been chosen to be the wedding venue for couples who wanted a relaxed, yet chic Vermont country wedding. Some of the amazing displays of rustic décor and cool wedding design ideas our bride and grooms have come up with amaze us.

We’ve finally created a Wedding Brochure(we are happy to email to you — going to link the PDF to our site very soon) about the variety of wedding and events you can have here. Inside and out! Big or small…we can put together a wedding package that fits your needs.  What is great is that families usually take over all 18 rooms in our Inn and the wedding becomes a family reunion as well!

We also love the fact couples and their family and friends are taking advantage of all our property and the surrounding Mad River Valley area has to offer…from enchanting grounds surrounded by mountain, forests and streams, to swimming holes and art galleries, to beer tours to hiking trails to something as simple as fun and games in our very own pub and game rooms (nothing like a friendly game of air hockey between the bride and groom to start the marriage off right! ?!?).

So without further ado… or should we say “I do…”  (we couldn’t help it)…here’s what weddings, reception dinners, rehearsal dinners and wedding ceremonies look like at the Mad River Barn. Memorable, fun, casual, chic, and most of all, full of love!

Nikki and Eric, Photography by Todd Wilson

Boston and Cape Cod Modern Wedding and Portrait Photography

Boston and Cape Cod Modern Wedding and Portrait Photography

Boston and Cape Cod Modern Wedding and Portrait Photography

Boston and Cape Cod Modern Wedding and Portrait Photography

Boston and Cape Cod Modern Wedding and Portrait Photography

Boston and Cape Cod Modern Wedding and Portrait Photography


Andrea and James, Photography by The Spragues.




Chris and Claire

Chris and Claire's Wedding Mad River Barn

The tent on the lawn at Mad River Barn Wedding Reception Site

These are just a few of the hundreds of spectacular moments of these Vermont weddings.

Check out these blog posts as well and see what couple’s are saying about Mad River Barn as their wedding site. And don’t forget to email us and get a couple of our wedding packages brochure.

Email or Call us anytime!

Our Best, Heather and Andrew


A Guide to Fall Foliage…a leafy education

Does it get any prettier? Vermont in the fall — one of your must visit bucket list places. Photo Credit:

We can’t believe we’re already starting to see changes in the leaves…it’s around the corner…FALL that is! Personally, it’s one of our favorite seasons in Vermont, especially here in the Mad River Valley. Some of the best fall foliage drives are right in our back yard — the drive over the gap, Route 100, even just our back country roads, are perfect for viewing the changing of the season.

We feel that while you’re driving around, it’d be great to enjoy the view and look really smart while your doing it. So here is a little info about the leaves…Vermont trees and the changing of seasons…

Deciduous tree on your left…conifer tree on your right. Photo Credit:

There are more than fifty species of trees in Vermont, split into two groups — coniferous trees (evergreens, like your pine trees) and deciduous (broad leaf trees that lose their leaves in the fall).  See, knowing that you already look cooler!

It’s the deciduous trees (these are also hardwood trees) that get all the attention in the fall. These trees make Vermont look like a ROCK STAR! Combined with pops of deep green evergreens (that’s right…conifers…you’re getting it…) are what picture perfect postcards are made of.

Hardwoods in Autumn

See the variety of colors…depending on the weather…will change the reds but not the yellows…Photo Credit:

The most common deciduous trees in Vermont are Sugar Maples, Beech and Yellow Birch.  The Sugar Maple is Vermont’s state tree (of course, it is!). There is also oak, white birch, ash…we could go on and on.

L.L.Bean's Guide to Fall Foliage

Study this chart and when you are walking through the woods, you can point out the different trees — again…how cool will you be? Photo Credit: L.L. Bean

The color changes are caused by chlorophyll (green), carotenoid (yellow, orange and brown) and anthocyanin (red). Basically, in the fall, the trees stop producing chlorophyll, so they stop being green and their other colors (the carotenoid that is already in the leaves) shows through. The trees that turn to red leaves, get anthocyanin (which is like a knight in shining armor)– it protects them before they fall, so the tree is ready for next spring. The temperature, rain fall and cloud coverage, all effect the red colors but the other colors (yellows, oranges, browns) remain mostly consistent, since the carotenoid is already in the leaves. That is very general, and of course, there are some tweaks to those rules, but that’s the basic principal of the changing of the leaves.  That’s all we are going to say about that  — any more technical and you’ll need a cheat sheet while you drive.

The famous red leave of a fall Maple tree.Photo credit: Bombay Outdoors.

The benefits of the fall are too numerous to mention, but we’ll throw out a few reasons… cooler weather (humidity drops), less bugs, the colors of the leaves, stunning vistas, getting to wear a sweater that goes great with new jeans…

Fall foliage drives and tours around Vermont are famous around the world.  We hope your drive, hike, bike trip, motorcycle adventure, brings you to us this fall for a goodnight sleep, a glass of wine on our deck overlooking our spectacular mountainside backyard, a cold beer by the fire, a hike in the woods, or dinner in our cozy restaurant with our fall menu.

Hope your ready for fall foliage in Vermont. We are! :)

Our Best, Heather and Andrew



Ohhh…the people you meet.

Obviously the best part about owning an inn are the amazing people you meet.

First off, the type of folks who stay at Inns are already sociable and fun because they know that most of the time, an Inn  is owned by a family and it’s their home as well.  Plus, most of the time at an Inn or B&B, breakfast is served in a room you can say hello to other guests.

With the added bonus of a bar, pub, restaurant and game room, we really get to mingle with our guests and have met some amazing people… gardeners, chefs, musicians, talented skiers and snowboarders, television producers, sports stars, authors, staff for the President,  even rock stars (in their own minds, of course, but we like that positive attitude). You get the point…Some really friendly folks! (No whiners here…well…one or two but we can usually shake it out of them by the end of the evening.)

So I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that we enjoyed having a film crew with us this week. They were working on a project in Vermont and picked Mad River Barn as their home away from home (and possibly filming some here.) We can’t tell you who they are filming for — but as soon as it’s okay too — we’ll let you know!

But we can be social and say thanks Dave, Emily, Brian and Buddy for visiting! It’s been fun. Come back soon.

Our best, Heather and Andrew

2015-08-20 10.16.35 2015-08-20 10.20.32 2015-08-20 10.26.27 2015-08-20 10.27.26



The Home Stretch… Annex Renovations

Six more days…that’s all we have to finish it up. Yikes…maybe we shouldn’t have written that number out — now we’re a little stressed.  Oh well, we can do it! It’s really coming together. We can’t wait to reveal the four newly renovated rooms in the Annex…soon to be called the Longhouse.

Here is some more progress shots for you to enjoy.

2015-06-17 09.35.45

Here is Brett nailing the reclaimed wood headboards onto the wall, with direction from Joanne who is taking the picture.

2015-06-17 09.24.25

Brett’s waiting for Joanne to get the boards in place where she wants them. We are excited to see the end result.

2015-06-15 14.38.10

Putting the pieces together. Soon the unveiling!

2015-06-15 14.32.41

The painters, toasting to job well done! Francis, owner of Vermont Pro, and his crew, Greg, Andrew and Tyler, are rocking it!

2015-06-15 14.32.12

Yup Greg… it looks like you picked the right spot…

2015-06-15 14.31.23

Floor is in in the hallway…

2015-06-15 14.31.00

Paints done…now here come the decorative lights Joanne picked out for these windows.

2015-06-15 14.30.30

More built-in bunks for the upstairs rooms which have second rooms…these work well for families and friends traveling together.

2015-06-15 14.30.16

More coats of Polyurethane to keep the tops nice.

2015-06-15 14.27.15

The tile in the shower is done! All the way up on these guys!

2015-06-15 12.31.28

Custom made table lamps from old floor lamp parts, made by Conant Metal and Light… can wait to see all the different bedside lights we get.

2015-06-10 14.51.13-1

Joanne’s painting technique for the vanity tops. Recipe is reclaimed 2×4′s, some stain, some cream paint, some black paint and a whole lot of little bit here, a little bit there… sanding… a little bit here, a little bit there….

2015-06-10 14.48.50 2015-06-17 10.47.33

Our crazy designer and friend, Joanne Palmisano (pretending to work the nail gun). She did a fair amount of the chop saw cutting…but she hates the sound of the nail gun, so she let Brett work that part. She is a truly a hands-on designer.

Final pieces coming… amazing recycled Sari throw blankets, recycled wood blanket decorative pillows, custom made end tables from recycled wood and stone… and decorative lighting made from recycled chicken feeders…

The final rush will be Monday… then fluffing pillows on Tuesday, ready for guests by Wednesday!

Huge shout out to Joe and Greg, our family from the mid-west, who came here to do all the construction of the renovation. This would not be happening without them! Thank you guys!!! You are the best!

Can’t wait!

Our best, Heather and Andrew